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Hello, Home Dwellers!
Ethan’s Gallery and Studio wants to provide you with several ways to stay entertained, while in the comfort of your own home!
We are offering online Paint and Sips, and Painting Lessons via Zoom, and we also offer Live Demonstrations via Facebook Live, so you can relax at home and watch how the creative process takes place.

Paint and Sip Online | Ethan's Gallery & Studio

Paint and Sip Online

For the online Paint and Sip classes, we will go over a fully instructional step-by-step on how to compose a Paint and Sip painting. Up to 20 people can participate per class! And you can ask questions if you are having a difficult time, as it is meant to be a fun and stress-free event for you. These online paint and sips are extremely engaging and comprehensive, and great for family events.

You will have to buy your own supplies, which can cost up to $30

You will need:
  • Zoom Code ($15) - Purchase Below
  • Any size from 11x14 to 16x20 Canvas
  • 2 Flat Brushes, small and large and 1 Small Pointed Brush
  • An Easel or something to hold your Canvas
  • Standard Acrylics (set or individuals) White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green
  • Free – A water bowl or cup and a paper towel


Click below to buy your Zoom Code now. After payment confirmation, you will be emailed with further instructions.


Live Painting Demonstration | Ethan's Gallery & Studio

Live Painting Demonstration

Tune in to watch Ethan give a demonstration about his creative process in a Live Paints session.
Due to the current global situation, Ethan’s Gallery and Studio would like to offer a way to stay entertained from home, while educating and inspiring people through Ethan’s wonderful demonstrations.
As you may know, many small businesses have been severely impacted during these distressing times, and any donation helps this small business as we all make it through.
If you feel inspired to donate to Ethan’s Gallery and Studio, please click below to Donate! Thank you!
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